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Business Cash Advance Firms Thriving

Business Cash Advance Firms Thriving has reported the rankings of the 30 best merchant cash advance companies for October 2014. Micamp Merchant Solutions has been named the best company due to their impressive performance during the in-depth evaluation process. The ratings are released each month to assist clients of credit card processing services in selecting reputable companies.

These agencies are put through the genuine evaluation process in order to determine which agencies produce the top overall solution. Agencies are selected based on their performance in a benchmarking and analysis of their core services. This process consists of the use of a set of evaluation criteria, communicating with customer referrals, and performing various market and industry research projects.

The rankings are revisited each month based on the assumption that the payment processing industry changes over time. Companies are evaluated based on the most recent trends and developments most important to buyers. Often times the research team at spends time connecting with clients of competing companies for a more thorough look.

Micamp Merchant Solutions has been named the top merchant cash advance service based on a rigorous evaluation of their offered solutions. The independent research team has named them due to their continued performance and their history of successful credit card processing solutions. Those looking for a reliable merchant cash advance solution to meet their specified needs should consider Micamp Merchant Solutions.

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The First Step in Financing a Business With Business Cash Advances

The first step in financing a business is to work with a team who believes in your company and your vision. Business cash advances can be beneficial depending upon where you are in the life-cycle of your funding.

When a company needs to be matched with a funding provider, it is important for the process to be fast, easy and offer solutions that work on an Individual business working capital needs. Financing a business can be a difficult and challenging task, which is why it is important to work with a team who believes in the company and the individual. When an existing company needs to regain their footing or a start up company with initial investments is searching for working capital, it is important to work with a company that offers business cash advances. Now, for business in need, help has arrived: Cash Cow Advances is now offering business cash advances.

Cash Cow Advances offers businesses a timely, cost-effective, and comprehensive fulfillment of a business owners working capital needs. Matching a business with a funding provider that is a leading provider of alternative small business financial programs, leads to a long-term success rate. The team screens funding providers, whose finance programs at the best rate, with a flexible payment schedule, that the merchant qualifies for, along with expedient funding.

Merchant Cash Advance – Financing That is Underrated

A merchant cash advance is an often underrated method for small businesses to acquire the cash flow they need at specific times throughout the life of their business. Speaking from experience, a merchant cash advance was a crucial channel for quick financing I needed during the first few years of my business.

As with any type of financing, there are criteria that must be met in order to receive a merchant cash advance like first and foremost, actually owning a business! You also must accept credit cards. No collateral is required because what you are agreeing to is to sell a portion of your future credit card sales as the form of repayment. There are no hidden fees, no prepayment penalties and your rate never adjusts.

The merchant cash advance (sometimes referred to as a business cash advance) that you will obtain can be used for all your business needs. It does not matter if you use the money to buy a piece of equipment, expand your store, or even use it for marketing your company website. A merchant cash advance, if you are qualified, can easily be the solution to any lack of funding you might be experiencing.

Long story short…you are making a good, judicious business decision when you get a merchant cash advance. Let your proven track record speak for itself today and apply for a merchant cash advance.

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